Tourist Accommodation

Motel “Kjuchukovata Kashta”    
Address: Banite village, “Dolna Drianka” quarter

Guest House “Gochovata kashta”

Address: Banite village, No 21 Ivan Vazov Str.

Guest House “Ilchovata kashta”   
Address: Banite village,  No 19 Ivan Vazov Str

Guest House “Kozarevi”
Address: Banite village, No 25 Dicho Petrov Str.

Family hotel “Rhodopes”   
Address: Banite Village, No 2 Khan Asparuh str.

Complex “Water Slide”
Address: Village of Banite.
It is constructed near the open swimming pool and provides excellent opportunities for summer relaxation.  Constructed in 1989, it is the first water slide in the whole Smolyan region.

Holiday House of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences /BAS/
Address: Village of Glogino.
It was built as a holiday house for people working in BAS but it has a hotel part. The village of Glogino is close to the municipality center but far enough to take a rest among the silence and the calmness of the mountain.

“Veshkata” Hill – the Hunting Hut. It is located on the “Veshkata” hill – 1310 m. altitude (the highest hill in the region of Bansko). The hut is small, comfortable and provides sleeping base for 30 people. There is a fireplace where people can take a rest after the long transition. 

 “Haidushki poliani” This place has been turned into a resort with small cute cottages on the shore of a beautiful lake. It is located near the National Astronomical Observatory on mount Rozhen, within the peace of the mountain. One of the big and well established chalets in the neighborhood is “Momchil Younak”. It is connected to the nearby villages and to the Observatory through an asphalted road. А direct route leads to the village of Slaveino.

Tourist complex “Belite Brezi” near the town of Ardino. This is one of the most picturesque places in the Rhodopes. It is located 6 km. from the town of Ardino and round 40 km. from the village of Banite. This is the only birch forest in the Rhodopes. Birches predominate, but there are also beech-trees, white and black pine trees, spruce and other kind of trees. This place is very convenient for relaxation and recuperation