Banite Municipality

Banite Municipality is located in the South-Eastern part of  Smolyan region in the middle part of the Central Rhodopes. It borders on the municipalities of Smolyan, Laki, Assenovgrad, Ardino, Madan, and Chernoochene. The municipality comprises the municipal center of Banite, 8 communities - Davidkovo, Oryahovets, Galabovo, Zagrazhden, Starnitsa, Vishnevo, Dryanka, Malka Arda, and 11 villages - Valchan dol, Glogino, Krastatitsa, Bosilkovo, Slivka, Treve, Debelyanovo, Dve topoli, Riben dol, Planinsko and Malko Krushevo. The temperate climate, along with the thermal springs, predetermines the development of the municipality as a resort center. The large number of caves, springs, mountains and eco-paths offer different tourism alternatives such as balneological, speleological, “green” tourism etc.


Doxato Municipality

Doxato is a municipality in Drama Prefecture in Greece and borders with Serres Prefecture, Kavala Prefecture and Xanthi Prefecture. Its Northern neighbor is Bulgaria and this is the ground for their joint destiny and future cooperation in the tourism sphere. Its populations is about 11 000 people according to the census in 2001. The Municipality of Doxato consists of 4 municipal districts: the two former municipalities of Doxaton and Megalou Alexandrou and the two former communities of Agios Athanassios and Kefalarion.